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6 proven ways to spice up your sex life

Do you ever feel like there could be ‘more’ to the sex you’re having? Maybe you feel like there’s a wilder side to you that hasn’t been expressed yet? Or maybe you feel like things are getting a little ‘routine’ in your bedroom and you want to spice things up? Whether it’s for your own […]

It’s a Hard Knocked Up Life For Us

knocked up

“Thank god I didn’t procreate with him” is a phrase we hear a lot. If you’ve seen the film Knocked Up, you’ve seen Katherine Heigel’s character grappling with the remorse of carrying Seth Rogen’s baby. So the big lesson here is: Let ‘present’ you protect future you.

How to date while we’re all social distancing


Dating during the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a… well… ‘interesting’ experience. Gone are our days of sending a few messages and then meeting for a quick coffee or drink to see if there’s a spark. Dating apps are reporting a significant increase in matches and messaging with so many of us in some […]