Top 8 excuses you will hear from a guy about condoms – and how to respond



Okay, we need to talk about protection, excuses and sex. We want you to understand that when a guy has an excuse not to wear a condom, that is NOT okay.

But, we know a lot of you ladies have heard some pretty lame excuses from your man (or the man from the bar) to not cover his stump before you hump.

As a Moments community, we want to help you well prepare yourself for the top excuses we are hearing for not wearing a condom, so let’s have a look at the top eight!

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Pivot and Protect – By our resident Wellness Expert Andi Lew


Pivot & Protect ! You’re well and truly into the flow of our new worldwide lock down laws. During this time, you may have been in “flight, fight or freeze mode”, which is a term used when one experiences trauma. During flight, you’ll want to run away from responsibility, reality, or anything else, fight for your family, rights or business, or freeze into a state of numbness. This is a grief state when we are at a loss or sense of fear.

Fear can be paralyzing. In fact, Hitler used fear as a powerful tool in WW2, because people don’t resist when in a state of fear. You might now start to be coming out of the above states and may have begun questioning your future, agendas, rights and direction.

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How to date while we’re all social distancing


Dating during the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a… well… ‘interesting’ experience. Gone are our days of sending a few messages and then meeting for a quick coffee or drink to see if there’s a spark.

Dating apps are reporting a significant increase in matches and messaging with so many of us in some form of lockdown. But what happens next? How do you keep things interesting with someone you won’t get to see for weeks? We’re yet to see how this is going to impact dating and relationships.

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Your step by step guide on how to use phone (and video) sex to spice up your relationship during lockdown



Back by popular demand, we asked our Relationship Expert and Sexologist, Isiah McKimmie to tell us on how to spice up relationships through phone sex (video) amid this COVID-19 lockdown.

Wondering how to keep things interesting with your Bae while we’re all in lockdown? Or want to take things to the ‘next level’ with your latest Bumble match, but not sure how to do it from 1.5 metres apart?

I recently shared tips for dating creatively from a distance, so what’s the next step?

Enter sexting, phone sex or even video chat sex.

Yes, it might be a terrifying prospect. Even the thought of dirty talk or asking for what you want in person can be scary AF. But trust me, with some pro tips and a little practice, you’ll feel comfortable in no time. Aside from the obvious, there are quite a few benefits to ‘virtual romance’. Digital intimacy is a great way to keep your romance fun, playful and sexy – even if you can’t see each other in person. Sure, it’s kind of vulnerable, but that can actually bring you closer together. Virtual sex can also give you some great ideas to explore when you are finally able to meet each other again.

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The top 7 podcasts to empower your sex life


Who doesn’t love a good podcasts? Whether you drive to work, catch public transport or like to educate yourself while you take the doggo for a walk, a podcast is a great way to learn something new and keep your brain active!

What better way to sex educate yourself (sexucate), than in the privacy of your own headphones!! Plus, there is a range to suit everyone’s taste!

So, here at Moments, we have put together a list of our favourite sex-related podcasts for you to download!

Make sure you share your favourite on your IG stories and tag us! We want to know which ones you enjoyed the most. These are in no particular order!

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Do you know enough about STI/STDs?


Sexual health education, how much do you know about STI’s and STD’s? As a sexually active person, we are pretty confident the likelihood that you are fully educated in all forms of sexually transmitted disease or infection is pretty slim.

But it isn’t 100% your fault, so that is why we want to spend the time educating you in all the different types and what you can do to prevent them!!
Reality is, some with STI’s and STD’s don’t know they are infected. Obviously, they are passed from person to person through sexual intercourse.

As the World Health Organisation (WHO) has concluded, around one million people get an STI each day.

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Blow him away – How to rock his world in bed

Blow him away

“Argh – but I don’t know what to do!”
“Penises are kind of scary…”
“What if I hurt him?”

The idea of giving your man mind-blowing pleasure in bed can be daunting. I hear comments like this from women often in my work as a sexologist. They feel nervous, they’re embarrassed to try new things and they feel like they’re holding themselves back in bed.

I get it. I used to feel the same way.

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Seven ways to spice up your sex life in time for Christmas

Tis’ the season! It is time to be jolly. After the winter period, there is no better time of year than the festive season. But with the Christmas parties, family gatherings and all the running around to get organised, sometimes our sex life can suffer.

NOT anymore!! Make sure you take the time to schedule date night with your partner, but instead of being nice this Christmas, let’s get a bit naughty and spice things up.

After all, it will be silly not to start 2020 off with a BANG…

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Moments Condoms and GRLKND come together to lead the way in female empowerment

Female Empowerment


PRESS RELEASE – Leading the way in female empowerment

Australian condom brand, Moments Condoms, has announced an official partnership with non-for-profit organisation, GRLKND . The partnership is vital in helping make education around female empowerment and smart and strong choices when it comes to sexual health more accessible, relatable and digestible.

GRLKND is a world’s first holistic self-growth education community created and curated specifically for young, developing females, written by a young female, backed by experts.

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First date red flags


These 8 first date warning signs will tell you whether it’s worth taking things further.

At Moments Condoms, we believe in you and your worth. We believe your time and energy is valuable. We want to see you spend it with people who are good for you.

So, we’re sharing 8 first date red flags that will help you decide whether it’s worth taking things further, according to Relationship Expert and Sexologist, Isiah McKimmie.

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