3 ways to virtually guarantee you reach orgasm tonight



Here at Moments, we believe that sex should be about pleasure. Your pleasure. Which is why we’ve invited Australia’s leading Sexologist Isiah McKimmie to share her tips on pleasure, dating and having epic orgasms.

I adore my hairdresser. At every appointment he has 3 very important questions for me.

How are you?
How’s your sex life?
Are you having great orgasms?

If only we could all talk about sex as openly as this. Sex is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean it comes naturally (pardon the pun). Sex is a skill we learn, but most of us get a pretty rubbish education around it. The sex ed we get in school focuses on biology, contraception and safer sex, but is missing important topics like consent, pleasure and having epic orgasms.

As a Sexologist and Sex Therapist, these are the topics that I love sharing on.

Because sex should be about your pleasure too.

Let’s start with some important facts on orgasm.

• 30% of women struggle to reach orgasm on a regular basis
• 10% of sexually active women (that’s 1 in 10 of us) have never had an orgasm at all
• In casual sexual encounters heterosexual women are only half as likely to reach orgasm than their male partner.

Sex doesn’t need to end in orgasm for it to be worthwhile. But it can be frustrating (or even feel embarrassing) when you want to reach orgasm and can’t.

If you’ve never experienced orgasm – by yourself or with someone else, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Just think of having an orgasm as a skill you haven’t learned yet.

Here’s 3 proven ways that you can increase the chance that you’ll reach orgasm the next time you feel the desire to.

(These tips are for women. Men and non-binary folks, I realise you can struggle to orgasm too, but that’s for a different article.)

1. Spend 20 minutes in foreplay. At least.

Not spending enough time in foreplay is the most common reason women don’t reach orgasm.

Women’s bodies go through complex changes in order to prepare for sex. These changes take 15-20 minutes. Pornography might show women always ready for sex, but that’s not actually how our bodies work.

Foreplay increases our pleasure and chance of reaching orgasm and it reduces the likelihood of us feeling pain during sex.

If that feels like a long time to you, we need to talk about ways to make sex and foreplay fun – because it is (or it can be).

Forget the pressure or expectation that you should be ‘ready’ faster than that or that you should be ready because your partner is. Men will actually get more enjoyment and pleasure when they spend longer in foreplay too.

Relax, take your time and enjoy yourself.

2. Try these 3 sexy moves

There are 3 proven moves that, when included in foreplay, increase your chance of orgasm even more.

These sexy moves are deep kissing, genital touch and oral sex.

Be sure to include them in your next sexual encounter to sky rocket your pleasure.

3. Include direct clitoral stimulation

The idea that women should reach orgasm through penetration sex is a total myth.

Only about 30% of women orgasm that way. Many of us need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.

Introducing clit stimulation (like through hands or a toy) during penetration intercourse drastically increases your chance or reaching the big O.


Get your partner to give your clit some extra attention.
Use your own hands – by being on top and taking care of it yourself.
Use a clit or bullet vibe to help take you over the edge.

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Isiah McKimmie is a couples therapist, sex therapist and sexologist. For more expert advice follow her on Instagram.
If you have a question for Isiah, email us at info@momentscondoms.com.au

Press Release – Let’s talk about sex and empowerment – the condom company leading the way



Australian based Condom brand Moments Condoms is taking the International market by storm with strong women empowerment messages and sexual health education.

Moments Condoms recently won a major tender in the New Zealand Market as part of the government-funded latex condom program for the next 3 years till 2022.

As per the tender, Moments will be supplying approximately 8 to 10 million condoms a year to the New Zealand community.

But it is all about empowerment and equality. Moments are a brand who pride themselves on putting the power back into the individual to make smart choices when it comes to sex.

“For Moments, we are all about women empowerment. We have done the research, and it isn’t just men who should feel powerful and confident when it comes to their sex life. We think everyone should be making educated decisions, and with Moments condoms, people have the options they deserve. Yes, we are a brand of condoms, but our mission is more than just selling. Our mission is to inform and educate so people, especially women, can feel empowered and confident,” said Managing Director of Moments Condoms, Nikhil Daftary.

According to a sex survey, only 37 per cent of women take a condom with them when they go on a date where they think they may have sex. However, the reasons why women wouldn’t, include: “not wanting to look presumptuous”, “not liking them” or “being too embarrassed”.

“Why is it okay for men to feel confident about carrying condoms but women shouldn’t? We want women to be confident to take condoms out with them. We want them to enjoy the feeling of condoms, and we certainly do not want women to feel embarrassed about carrying them. At the end of the day, it is their health and wellbeing that should take priority,” said Marketing Manager of Moments Condoms, Casey.

One of the key messages from Moments is to encourage men and women to take responsibility for their sexual health. Everyone can do this by communicating and being confident to carry condoms with them when they go out! If only 37 per cent of women taking a condom on a night out, Moments want to empower women to feel instead sexy but also responsible.

But it doesn’t just stop with women empowerment. It is the work with Corporate Social Responsibility that helps Moments stand above the rest, making them an active leader in the International Market.

“We believe it is our partnerships that keeps us going. We are proud of what we do for the local community and charities, including the McGrath Foundation to help raise money to place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they are needed and make breast health understanding a priority. In 2018, we donated 5% of our RRP from every Moments pack sold to the foundation, to help raise money to place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses. We were fortunate to donate around $15,000 in 2018. Just this year we also were a ‘Supporting Partner’ and ‘Official Condom Sponsor’ during the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. We had donated around 68,000 condoms at the festival. We closely work with Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in South Africa, International AIDS Society in Switzerland and we are the only condom company which is a partner at the Industry Liaison Forum (ILF) of IAS, Switzerland,” says Nikhil Daftary.

PHARMAC is the New Zealand government agency that decides which medicines and medical devices are funded in the country. For 2019, PHARMAC has also increased the ranging variety due to Moments being able to supply with varying different options – sizes, textures, colours and flavours.

“We’re pleased to announce changes to funded male latex condoms that will result in a wider range of funded male latex condoms becoming available. Including flavoured condoms in a range of sizes and thin and coloured condoms becoming funded for the first time. These changes will be implemented over a five-month transition period starting the 1st of October 2019. All individuals or organisations accessing funded 49 mm, 53 mm or 56 mm nominal width male latex condoms will need to change brands or products before March 1, 2020,” PHARMAC posted online.

To learn more about the tender with the New Zealand government body PHARMAC, please click here. For more on Moments, please click here.

For more information please contact:
Coral Healthcare Media Team (Moments Condoms)
Phone: +61-3-9764 9274
Email: marketing.au@coralhealthcare.com

About Moments
What can make your action in between the sheets even more exciting? It’s Moments Condoms, of course!

Include us in your private space, and we will make sure your worries go out of the door (which we hope you have locked). Who would’ve known that today you can buy condoms online with utmost empowerment and sass?
Moments Condoms are a perfect fit (pun intended) to your bedroom adventures suited for all-nighters or for quickies.

You can choose from a variety of Moments Condoms – go vegan, textured or ultra-thin with your sexual drill. There’s a reason why we say we sell the best condoms in Australia – because we know your taste, and what excites you!
Are you afraid of using passion and pleasure in the same line? We thought so. Get yourself a pack of the best condoms in Australia and be prepared for a long and sexy bedroom encounter.

Moments Condoms have three core values: Health, Empowerment and Play.
Moments is a brand of Coral Healthcare.

About Coral Healthcare
Coral Healthcare has been in business for over three decades and is a multinational, private limited company.

Coral Healthcare manufacture condoms, ultrasound gels and personal lubricant gels. The extensive range of high-quality products meet the varying needs and desires of our valued customers.

Coral Healthcare values Pleasure, Protection and Planning as part of the overall business mission.

Respect and Love is for All



Respect, Know your Worth, Love for All and Fearless…..we at Moments Condoms live by that. The LGBTQI community across Australia (in fact, the world) look forward to a familiar celebrity face to help them come out of their own closet and gather the courage to speak about the various mental and physical issues. This is because of the overarching impact they have on their fans.

At the core of Moments Condoms’ support for this iconic celebration of Australia’s LGBTQI community is the desire of the Moment Condoms’ team to empower all Australians to protect their sexual health and to make informed decisions surrounding it.

We were so proud to be the exclusive condom supplier at the 2019 Sydney Mardi Gras, and those moments of celebrating love for all is close honour hearts.

The opportunity for our brand to really impact attendees and leave a lasting impression is something the Moments Condoms team worked hard to prepare for, and it showed on execution! As well as handouts Moments Condoms were also placed in every bathroom and exit at the Mardi Gras After-Party

Moments Condoms’ partnership with the SGLMG is one of many we happily hold. As well as the SGLMG, Moments Condoms’ is a supporter of the McGrath Foundation, International Aids Society, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, and Build Your Sexual Intelligence.

Here are a few popular and influential Aussie celebrities who have come out clean about their sexuality and also support it in their own unique way:

Portia de Rossi
Portia is one of the most influential and popular Australian celebrities who has come out of the closet with none other than Ellen de Genres. She is one of the most popular and followed lesbian actresses across the world, and she carries herself with tremendous ease and poise. In her public appearances, she notes that it was “strange” for her to admit at the beginning of her career in 2005 that she was a lesbian. The Australian sweetheart admits that she knew no celebrity lesbian who was vocal about her sexuality. Like most queer people across the globe, she too confessed she needed an inspirational face before she could come out of the closet herself.
Well, as we all know, soon enough she fell in love with Ellen and became the face of Australian confidence! In her own words, she says “I really, honestly think that anybody who is openly gay and visible is powerful. It doesn’t matter what you do, you are impacting people.”

Sia Furler
There are different spectrums in LGBTQ- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer or Questioning and Sia falls in the last one of them. The globally recognized singer is all gaga about her dating life. After rumours started circulating that she might be dating Robert Pattinson, she took on to Twitter to clarify saying that “As much as I love dick, I am not dating Robert Pattinson.” She went on to say in another Tweet that she does not identify herself as a lesbian, as she has a history of dating men and well as women.
Sia Furler says she’s rather “queer” and does not feel her sexuality confined to lesbian or bi-sexual characteristics.

Chris Hemsworth
Thor really has a strong hammer and an even stronger heart. Australian to the core, he has publicly supported LGBTQI rights and has advocated equal rights for members belonging to this community. “Dear open-minded, free-speaking, laid-back, life-loving Aussies,” he said. “Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone! Vote now for marriage equality.” The actor tweeted this with regard to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to decide on the legalization policies of Gay marriage in the country.
His fans ‘hammered’ him with a loud and friendly response and cheers to the Tweet, marriage with who so ever you like, irrespective of the gender and sex, is very much possible in Australia today!

Margot Robbie
The Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie stole hearts with her cute smile and made a brave move by flag bearing the ‘Say I Do Down Under’ campaign that supports same-sex marriage in Australia. She further has been active on Instagram with posts that read the caption “Love is love” attached with a link that urges her Aussie fans overseas to join her in supporting same-sex marriage.

It’s raining rainbows in the celebrity land! More and more actors, singers, Youtubers and even politicians are coming out as people with unconventional sexual orientations. The popular culture celebrities are increasingly getting more comfortable talking about sexual health and sexual confidence. We love the changing dynamics that all this is playing for people in real life!





Check out our 2019 Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day event video –

Media Release – Australia Post ORIA’s Awards 2019



It’s a MOMENT to cherish!! We’re so proud to be named as a finalist for Best Online Retail Marketing at the Australia Post Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS).

It certainly is an honour, as we were also named as a finalist in 2018 as well. I hope Lady Luck shines on this year, as we have worked hard to ensure our customers are happy with the products and service.

It has certainly been a team effort from everyone at Moments Condoms, and we can’t wait to get our dancing shoes ready for the big award night in July.

Congratulations to the other finalists and we are proud to be named among such highly respected other finalists.

Best Online Retail Marketing

This category celebrates the most imaginative initiatives in the online retail space, whether that is in site design, usability, customer experience, service, fulfilment or any other area of the retail discipline. What we were looking for was something original, exciting and practical. These finalists were able to prove demonstrably how innovation has led to tangible, positive results.

Watch the announcement from the ORIAS here:

Are condoms effective? Are they always necessary? Getting familiar with Condoms


Are condoms effective? Are they always necessary? What is the correct way to put one on? Only two species on the face of the earth have sex for pleasure – humans, and dolphins! Well, dolphins have limited options for contraception but humans are blessed with funky, textured and innovative condoms!

Condoms are worn by men during sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections. They are the third most popular choice of contraception amongst men and women after female sterilization (29.5%) and oral contraception pills (28.5%). Condoms are one of the most effective contraceptives with failure rates as low as 2-3%.

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How To Delay Climaxing During Sex Using Condoms


For most men, there is a lot of performance anxiety during sex. There are plenty of insecurities and the fear of not being able to satisfy their partners. This is especially prevalent in those who orgasm relatively quicker than their partner. Climaxing for men can be a deal breaker. Unlike women who can have multiple orgasms in a single session, men can sustain only one at a time and take all the more time and effort to regain arousal levels close enough for them to orgasm again.

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Unwanted Pregnancies – How Condoms Can Prevent Sexual Disasters

unwanted pregnanciesCondoms can make sex feel better, look better, and be better! They not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but also save you from getting nasty Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). They come in different colours, sizes and textures (https://www.momentscondoms.com.au/ultra-thin-condoms-australia/) and are designed to fit all-male body types. A rubber is so good, it might even be a status symbol for a sexually active adult.

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Blurred lines of consent under #MeToo. What really constitutes as an “attack”. The perspective of victim and culprit


When actress and celebrity Alyssa Milano tweeted on urging people to reply with a “me too” if they have been sexually assaulted or harassed, many women followed suit and spoke their hearts out. What started with the Harvey Weinstein scandal at the Oscars, gradually became a global trend in which women across the globe gained confidence and courage to speak out about their own experiences.

Oprah Winfrey commented:

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories.”

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MEDIA RELEASE – A Perfect Pairing: Celebrating Sexuality and Sexual Health

sexual health

It’s official! We’re excited to announce that Moments Condoms will be a ‘Supporting Partner’ and ‘Official Condom Sponsor’ during the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival – celebrating sexuality and sexual health.

At Moments Condoms, we are proud to shine a spotlight on sexual health through our new partnership with this iconic event, a global beacon of diversity, inclusivity and champion of LGBTQI rights.

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Stop Shaming Women For Carrying Condoms

The fact that this needs to be said again is kind of mind blowing: Stop shaming women for carrying condoms. How are we still even talking about this?

Can’t we all collectively agree that we have this completely backwards? Carrying a condom doesn’t make you easy, slutty, gross, or disease ridden. It makes you responsible. If you happen to be slutty and carry condoms? That’s your own damn business.

68% of teen girls used a condom the first time they had sex. Of course, we pretend that no teens are having sex and that telling them sex is “bad” will magically stop them from doing it. In case you missed it: Nope.

We need to stop putting our health in the hands of teen boys (and grown men) who don’t know what they’re doing. According to a study of over 800 women, nearly half reported feeling unhappy with or pressured into sex. Half. And we’re worried about a woman who actually carries condoms and takes control of her own body, health, and sexual destiny?

Is this a joke? It sure feels that way. Listen, it’s time to stop shaming a woman who is carrying a condom. Ladies, if you pull a condom out and the person you’re going to have sex with dares shame you: Do not have sex with that person It’s not worth your time.

Carry your condoms and where them like a badge of honor.

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