Explore the depth of your sensitivity through these 9 zones


Today we bring you the zones of sensuality in our bodies. Let’s face it, no matter how much we think we know our body, we can learn something new about it, if we choose to explore it.

Erogenous zones are some parts of our body that are very sensitive. These areas might have some nerve endings which make their sensitivity a little extra. During sex, we try to hit these places to create that ‘umph’ of pleasure. You can pretty much understand how important these zones in your body are to live an amazing sex life.

Statistics tell us that about half of the women are not entirely satisfied with sex and around 10-15% of women never even had an orgasm. You need to understand your own body better to have a good time in bed. You need to understand the body of your partners as well to give them the best time as well. Hence, here we give you 9 erogenous zones you need to surely give a little extra attention to the next time you and your partner are in bed :

You probably have heard about the very obvious erogenous zones around our body, the penis, or the vagina. However, there are a few erogenous zones associated with the penis and vagina that are extremely underappreciated. Let’s talk about them –

1. Foreskin
There is a large portion of men in the world who don’t have foreskin, but there’s another huge portion that does have it. For the sake of the guys out there who have it, we should get to know about it. The foreskin is the thin layer of skin covering about 15 square inches of area of your man’s penis. The foreskin has many nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive.
How to stimulate: Try teasing this part with your fingers and stimulating it with your hands. The best way you can stimulate it is by moving it up and down the entire penis.

2. Clitoris
Even though we have said it before, we will say it again, the clitoris of a woman’s body is one of the most underappreciated part during sex. It contains the most nerve endings, about 8000. Studies say that around ¾ of women don’t reach the big O with just penetrative sex. These women have said that their orgasm only happens by some form of stimulation on their clitoris. You should have realized by now how much importance this part of the woman’s body deserves during sex.
How to stimulate: Clitoris is a highly sensitive area of the vagina. Any form of stimulation with your hands, or even toys at times can make you see great results. Trust us, and give your partner’s clitoris a little more attention and you will not be disappointed.

Now let’s see the erogenous zones that are not so well known. Some of you might know about them, but as they are not talked about enough, a lot of you might not know. Here are a few of them –

3. Ears
Your ears are extremely sensitive parts of your body, and know why? Because there are tons of sensory receptors on the outside and the inside of your ears. That’s why it can tickle or make you feel all tingly when someone whispers in your ears. Ears are very sensitive to touch and should not be neglected during sex.
How to stimulate: You can caress the outer side of your partner’s ears by running your fingers. You can kiss, bite or nibble on it. Maybe whispers some naughty things in his ears. Try these and thank us later.

4. Nape of the neck
We know about the neck, and we surely go for it during sex, but we tend to overlook the nape of the neck. It is one spot that is extremely ignored, but it has many nerve endings and proper stimulation to the area increases blood flow exponentially. It is extremely sensitive to touch.
How to stimulate: Find the end of the hairline, start by stroking gently or by running your fingers seductively on the area. Then you can kiss the area passionately and then lick it gently.

5. Bellybutton
The belly button or the area around the belly button can be pretty sensitive due to it being close to the genitals. However, again, this is another area that is extremely overlooked. This area is a turn-on for both men and women, but the belly button is mostly overlooked in men. You can do plenty of stimulating stuff around the area.
How to stimulate: You can start by caressing the area with your fingers, then you can kiss or stimulate with your tongue. If both of you are comfortable enough, you can play around with ice cubes or other things like chocolate sauce. We don’t need to tell you how sensual it can be when you lick off the chocolate sauce, and as the area is sensitive, your partner will respond well to the temperature difference.

6. Lower back
The lower back is the area that’s situated just below the spinal cord. Do you know about the pudendal nerve? This nerve helps with stimulation in the groin area. Your lower back is the home of this particular nerve. It can be extremely sensitive to touch and you can do tons of stuff around the area.
How to stimulate: Make your partner lie on their back, start running your finger from the upper part of the spinal cord and go down the bottom of it and start to tease the particular area. Then you can kiss or simply brush your lips around the area, and end by reaching for the butt cheeks. Like the belly button, you can play around with ice cubes or by brushing feathers around the area.

Lastly, we will tell you about the 3 erogenous zones that will surely be a pleasant surprise for you. Don’t forget them the next time you’re in bed with your partner –

7. Around the Adam’s apple
Surprising, isn’t it? As it turns out, Adam’s apple on your man’s throat is situated right above the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland produces hormones that influence the sexual organs of your body and the pleasure you get. Bet you didn’t know about this, huh? If you did, then kudos to you. Your man must be extremely happy with you.
How to stimulate: You can run your fingers seductively below Adam’s apple, or you can suckle gently on the area. Try this on your man the next time during sex.

8. Armpits
We know what you’re thinking. Armpits are supposed to be ticklish, not sensual, right? A proper stimulation in the armpits can be very sensual for your partner. It does not include any nerve endings, but the area is sensitive, and that’s why playing and trading the area will easily turn your partner on.
How to stimulate: Armpits are ticklish, so applying the right amount of pressure to the area to stimulate is necessary. You can also kiss or lick the area to tease.

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We know by some famous sayings that, ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Now we won’t tell you how to fulfill your responsibility with this great knowledge of the above-mentioned erogenous zones. However, we will tell you that great sex life is what lies ahead of you now that you’ve gained this knowledge.

Tell us your most sensual zone info@momentscondoms.com.au

I Am Safe and Be Safe – by Andi Lew

I started a new movement and I AM SAFE. I want you to join me.

Have you thought about how prevention isn’t better than cure? But it is the cure? The choices you make today, will affect your life tomorrow. In health there’s no side effects. It’s all an effect. In science you learn, “cause and effect”, not “cause, effect and side effect”.

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Contraception Culture Changes – I AM SAFE


Spokesperson Andi Lew created this “I AM SAFE” campaign to remove stigma around women carrying protection and warns of impact of female infertility when using morning after pill instead of being preventative with a condom. It was supported by MAF’s celebrity Natasha Spencer and newly announced fiancée Gary, clinical nutritionist Veronika Larisova, plus size model Amelia Stubbs, Canadian health documentary film maker Caroleen Moise, fitness model Claudia Klein and Carlin Sterritt from The Bachelorette shot the project.

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6 proven ways to spice up your sex life

Do you ever feel like there could be ‘more’ to the sex you’re having?

Maybe you feel like there’s a wilder side to you that hasn’t been expressed yet?

Or maybe you feel like things are getting a little ‘routine’ in your bedroom and you want to spice things up?

Whether it’s for your own sexual empowerment or to keep the spark alive in your LTR, keeping variety and playfulness alive are vital to great sex.

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Why there should be more condoms options for women in stores

When was the last time you looked at the supermarket or pharmacy shelves to purchase your contraception? Are the condoms options enough?

Even if you buy online, there will come a time where a dash to the supermarket for a packet of condoms is needed – I mean, if we have to wait for postage for sex, it might be a while (but not with Moments)

As we at Moments scan the supermarket and pharmacy shelves, we feel us women aren’t really represented in the condom range.

Take a look next time you are at Woolies or Coles, let us know if you feel the same. But as strong, independent women – it is time we take control over our sexual health and have more representation on the in store shelves.

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How to communicate in the bedroom, gain confidence and have better sex!


Ladies! We need to talk about YOU and what YOU want in the bedroom. It really is SO important that we take control of our own pleasure and make sure our sexual partner(s) knows what you like.

Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the sex you are having? Yes, we get it, speaking up and saying what you want can be a bit of a challenge. So, we have made you a guide to help you feel confident about telling your sexual partner what it is you like. 

Let’s start having better sex – yeah?! 

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2020 Date Night ‘In or Out’ and ‘In and Out’ – Andi Lew


2020 is all about PPE. Your personal protection is going to be either of two things: incoming and / or outgoing. When you’re outgoing and leaving the home, you’re using masks, and your incoming has become all about using your other personal protection: condoms!

We got so concerned about protecting ourselves from viruses, that the sales of condoms increased too because we finally realized we want protection from other viruses too!

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Femicide, Domestic Violence and How WE can empower women



Okay, ladies, men, whoever is reading. We need to talk about femicide, we need to talk about domestic violence and how we can all empower women in the future.

Before we go into it, we must warn you, this post may be triggering, but it is important for you to all be educated, to help women everywhere!

To get you up to speed, it might have been brought to your attention a #challengeaccepted trend of black and white images of women posted on your social media feed towards the end of July (2020). These images were started in Turkey to build awareness around the femicide issues happening in the country.

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Top 8 excuses you will hear from a guy about condoms – and how to respond


Okay, we need to talk about protection, excuses and sex. We want you to understand that when a guy has an excuse not to wear a condom, that is NOT okay.

But, we know a lot of you ladies have heard some pretty lame excuses from your man (or the man from the bar) to not cover his stump before you hump.

As a Moments community, we want to help you well prepare yourself for the top excuses we are hearing for not wearing a condom, so let’s have a look at the top eight!

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Pivot and Protect – By our resident Wellness Expert Andi Lew


Pivot & Protect ! You’re well and truly into the flow of our new worldwide lock down laws. During this time, you may have been in “flight, fight or freeze mode”, which is a term used when one experiences trauma. During flight, you’ll want to run away from responsibility, reality, or anything else, fight for your family, rights or business, or freeze into a state of numbness. This is a grief state when we are at a loss or sense of fear.

Fear can be paralyzing. In fact, Hitler used fear as a powerful tool in WW2, because people don’t resist when in a state of fear. You might now start to be coming out of the above states and may have begun questioning your future, agendas, rights and direction.

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How to date while we’re all social distancing


Dating during the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a… well… ‘interesting’ experience. Gone are our days of sending a few messages and then meeting for a quick coffee or drink to see if there’s a spark.

Dating apps are reporting a significant increase in matches and messaging with so many of us in some form of lockdown. But what happens next? How do you keep things interesting with someone you won’t get to see for weeks? We’re yet to see how this is going to impact dating and relationships.

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Your step by step guide on how to use phone (and video) sex to spice up your relationship during lockdown


Back by popular demand, we asked our Relationship Expert and Sexologist, Isiah McKimmie to tell us on how to spice up relationships through phone sex (video) amid this COVID-19 lockdown.

Wondering how to keep things interesting with your Bae while we’re all in lockdown? Or want to take things to the ‘next level’ with your latest Bumble match, but not sure how to do it from 1.5 metres apart?

I recently shared tips for dating creatively from a distance, so what’s the next step?

Enter sexting, phone sex or even video chat sex.

Yes, it might be a terrifying prospect. Even the thought of dirty talk or asking for what you want in person can be scary AF. But trust me, with some pro tips and a little practice, you’ll feel comfortable in no time. Aside from the obvious, there are quite a few benefits to ‘virtual romance’. Digital intimacy is a great way to keep your romance fun, playful and sexy – even if you can’t see each other in person. Sure, it’s kind of vulnerable, but that can actually bring you closer together. Virtual sex can also give you some great ideas to explore when you are finally able to meet each other again.

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The top 7 podcasts to empower your sex life


Who doesn’t love a good podcasts? Whether you drive to work, catch public transport or like to educate yourself while you take the doggo for a walk, a podcast is a great way to learn something new and keep your brain active!

What better way to sex educate yourself (sexucate), than in the privacy of your own headphones!! Plus, there is a range to suit everyone’s taste!

So, here at Moments, we have put together a list of our favourite sex-related podcasts for you to download!

Make sure you share your favourite on your IG stories and tag us! We want to know which ones you enjoyed the most. These are in no particular order!

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Do you know enough about STI/STDs?


Sexual health education, how much do you know about STI’s and STD’s? As a sexually active person, we are pretty confident the likelihood that you are fully educated in all forms of sexually transmitted disease or infection is pretty slim.

But it isn’t 100% your fault, so that is why we want to spend the time educating you in all the different types and what you can do to prevent them!!
Reality is, some with STI’s and STD’s don’t know they are infected. Obviously, they are passed from person to person through sexual intercourse.

As the World Health Organisation (WHO) has concluded, around one million people get an STI each day.

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Blow him away – How to rock his world in bed

Blow him away

“Argh – but I don’t know what to do!”
“Penises are kind of scary…”
“What if I hurt him?”

The idea of giving your man mind-blowing pleasure in bed can be daunting. I hear comments like this from women often in my work as a sexologist. They feel nervous, they’re embarrassed to try new things and they feel like they’re holding themselves back in bed.

I get it. I used to feel the same way.

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Seven ways to spice up your sex life in time for Christmas

Tis’ the season! It is time to be jolly. After the winter period, there is no better time of year than the festive season. But with the Christmas parties, family gatherings and all the running around to get organised, sometimes our sex life can suffer.

NOT anymore!! Make sure you take the time to schedule date night with your partner, but instead of being nice this Christmas, let’s get a bit naughty and spice things up.

After all, it will be silly not to start 2020 off with a BANG…

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Moments Condoms and GRLKND come together to lead the way in female empowerment

Female Empowerment


PRESS RELEASE – Leading the way in female empowerment

Australian condom brand, Moments Condoms, has announced an official partnership with non-for-profit organisation, GRLKND . The partnership is vital in helping make education around female empowerment and smart and strong choices when it comes to sexual health more accessible, relatable and digestible.

GRLKND is a world’s first holistic self-growth education community created and curated specifically for young, developing females, written by a young female, backed by experts.

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First date red flags


These 8 first date warning signs will tell you whether it’s worth taking things further.

At Moments Condoms, we believe in you and your worth. We believe your time and energy is valuable. We want to see you spend it with people who are good for you.

So, we’re sharing 8 first date red flags that will help you decide whether it’s worth taking things further, according to Relationship Expert and Sexologist, Isiah McKimmie.

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Press Release – Moments Condoms partners up with International AIDS Society to help the prevention of HIV


Australian condom brand, Moments Condoms, has announced an official partnership with the International AIDS Society.


The partnership is key to help educate and prevent HIV through the products Moments offer and the collective action that the International AIDS Society leads on every front of the global HIV response. Moments Condoms will be aiming to get listed in major supermarkets and pharmacies in Australia. Presently, Moments Condoms have a strong online presence and are listed in few key online stores. Also recently Moments Condoms has expanded into New Zealand by securing a 3-year contract with the New Zealand government.

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Press Release – Let’s talk about sex and empowerment – the condom company leading the way


Australian based Condom brand Moments Condoms is taking the International market by storm with strong women empowerment messages and sexual health education.

Moments Condoms recently won a major tender in the New Zealand Market as part of the government-funded latex condom program for the next 3 years till 2022.

As per the tender, Moments will be supplying approximately 8 to 10 million condoms a year to the New Zealand community.

But it is all about empowerment and equality. Moments are a brand who pride themselves on putting the power back into the individual to make smart choices when it comes to sex.

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Respect and Love is for All


Respect, Know your Worth, Love for All and Fearless…..we at Moments Condoms live by that. The LGBTQI community across Australia (in fact, the world) look forward to a familiar celebrity face to help them come out of their own closet and gather the courage to speak about the various mental and physical issues. This is because of the overarching impact they have on their fans.

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Are condoms effective? Are they always necessary? Getting familiar with Condoms


Are condoms effective? Are they always necessary? What is the correct way to put one on? Only two species on the face of the earth have sex for pleasure – humans, and dolphins! Well, dolphins have limited options for contraception but humans are blessed with funky, textured and innovative condoms!

Condoms are worn by men during sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections. They are the third most popular choice of contraception amongst men and women after female sterilization (29.5%) and oral contraception pills (28.5%). Condoms are one of the most effective contraceptives with failure rates as low as 2-3%.

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How To Delay Climaxing During Sex Using Condoms


For most men, there is a lot of performance anxiety during sex. There are plenty of insecurities and the fear of not being able to satisfy their partners. This is especially prevalent in those who orgasm relatively quicker than their partner. Climaxing for men can be a deal breaker. Unlike women who can have multiple orgasms in a single session, men can sustain only one at a time and take all the more time and effort to regain arousal levels close enough for them to orgasm again.

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Unwanted Pregnancies – How Condoms Can Prevent Sexual Disasters

unwanted pregnanciesCondoms can make sex feel better, look better, and be better! They not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but also save you from getting nasty Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). They come in different colours, sizes and textures (https://www.momentscondoms.com.au/ultra-thin-condoms-australia/) and are designed to fit all-male body types. A rubber is so good, it might even be a status symbol for a sexually active adult.

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Blurred lines of consent under #MeToo. What really constitutes as an “attack”. The perspective of victim and culprit


When actress and celebrity Alyssa Milano tweeted on urging people to reply with a “me too” if they have been sexually assaulted or harassed, many women followed suit and spoke their hearts out. What started with the Harvey Weinstein scandal at the Oscars, gradually became a global trend in which women across the globe gained confidence and courage to speak out about their own experiences.

Oprah Winfrey commented:

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories.”

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MEDIA RELEASE – A Perfect Pairing: Celebrating Sexuality and Sexual Health

sexual health

It’s official! We’re excited to announce that Moments Condoms will be a ‘Supporting Partner’ and ‘Official Condom Sponsor’ during the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival – celebrating sexuality and sexual health.

At Moments Condoms, we are proud to shine a spotlight on sexual health through our new partnership with this iconic event, a global beacon of diversity, inclusivity and champion of LGBTQI rights.

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Stop Shaming Women For Carrying Condoms

The fact that this needs to be said again is kind of mind blowing: Stop shaming women for carrying condoms. How are we still even talking about this?

Can’t we all collectively agree that we have this completely backwards? Carrying a condom doesn’t make you easy, slutty, gross, or disease ridden. It makes you responsible. If you happen to be slutty and carry condoms? That’s your own damn business.

68% of teen girls used a condom the first time they had sex. Of course, we pretend that no teens are having sex and that telling them sex is “bad” will magically stop them from doing it. In case you missed it: Nope.

We need to stop putting our health in the hands of teen boys (and grown men) who don’t know what they’re doing. According to a study of over 800 women, nearly half reported feeling unhappy with or pressured into sex. Half. And we’re worried about a woman who actually carries condoms and takes control of her own body, health, and sexual destiny?

Is this a joke? It sure feels that way. Listen, it’s time to stop shaming a woman who is carrying a condom. Ladies, if you pull a condom out and the person you’re going to have sex with dares shame you: Do not have sex with that person It’s not worth your time.

Carry your condoms and where them like a badge of honor.

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Media Release – Partnership with Andi Lew for her book #Instalovers

MOXO Condoms

Moments Condoms have found a match and its healthy, safe and very interesting!

We have partnered with the talented Andi Lew for her book #Instalovers that talks about digital dating netiquette, Direct Message disasters and the numerous infotaining instances that happen in the time of love-on-internet. The hilarious, informative, witty and courageous book on modern tech dating is scheduled for a media launch in December before hitting the bookstores across Australia in January next year.

Andi organically approached Moments Condoms after feeling inspired by the vegan certified condoms which come with affirmations to help you feel empowered and prepared, packaged in a little box of three!

Men and women are increasingly resorting to online dating applications to find love and companionship instead of going with conventional dating ways. Moments Condom believes that sex should be liberating, empowering, fun and most importantly safe! We feel women today must realise and be sensitive to their sexual health and take confident decisions in favour of it.

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The Moments Guide to Killer Dating Rules and How to Take the Lead


“Dating has taught me what I want and don’t want, who I am, and who I want to be” — Jennifer Love Hewitt

In a world that constantly tries to undermine our decision-making capacities, contemplating a tryst with potential lovers can be a tough one to beat. We do believe in the majestic power of scintillating feelings and stirred up endorphins, but Moments will be there to put your needs and safety above a fleeting romance or a lasting affair. If we don’t look out for each other, ladies, who will?

It would be a lie of crazy proportions if we said first dates are supposed to be a breeze. Every individual has the nerves that keep one up at night wondering who is going to make the first move. We propose you help us create a world where we, as women, put our needs first.

Butterflies aside, there is something that has tainted generations of women throughout their existence. Yep, you guessed that right – our sexuality and wellbeing. And perhaps, it is time we break those barriers.

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5 Women Instagram Feeds You Must Follow

Milly New York

Fear is so yesterday when you consider all the powerful women around us winning the day despite the odds heavily stacked against them. These women look challenges dead in the eye and manage to wink saucily. They not only nail every task ever assigned but manage to set an example so good that novices around them beam with courage – all the while crushing every damn thorn in their corner.

But when you are swamped with board meetings and picking the best suit out, it is important to also protect yourself against vicious infections and uncomfortable encounters. We at Moments understand the fight you bring to claim your space in the industry. After all, if we’re going to war, we might as well have some fun. Our condoms promise you the security you need when you’re busy working your way to expertise. From your business and hard work to relationships and sexual health, it’s about time we do it like a boss. Continue reading

Women Survival to Dating in the Age of Hookups


My thoughts while online dating: “Oh my God, I’m going to be single my entire life.” Anon.  This one is to cherish all those who still wish to acquaint themselves to other beings and long for a connection. To the brave women who date in the age of hookups, raise your glass!

The alluring and peculiar world of dating recently experienced a huge shift as its millennial inhabitants decided to stir up old dynamics. In this newfound realm, a few odd ones are stuck in a loop where pretty much everyone else wants to pick something casual as they wait for ‘the one.’

With the sorcery that capitalism is, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is grabbing individuals one by one with its charm. Casual sex seems like a reasonable option given the crazy, tiresome schedules that people work. Some people find it convenient to make up and break up over their phone screens – without even a face to face conversation.

We kid you not, finding the courage to date in this era can be a bittersweet experience, to say the least.

And since we at Moments are dedicated to the women who are exceptional at juggling things – sexual health and relationships make up a huge part of the deal. Ladies, it is time to take the baton into your hands and make a run for the win. Our condoms are specially designed for those very dates, to ensure your safety against vicious infections and unbearable stress.

There has been a turn of chapters ever since receptivity to sexuality found willing arms. Needless to say, it comes with immense hope for women to experiment, play around, and take matters into their own hands.

As you stand at complex crossroads with the likes of Tinder and Bumble, we are here to offer you survival tips Continue reading

Dial Up the Feminist In You: 5 Must-Read Books

If you know anything about us here at Moments, you’ll know that we’re all about supporting YOU and putting your health first – us girls need to look out for each other, and ourselves above all else.

It’s time to break down the stigma that exists around women carrying condoms – let’s build women up to begin putting their own needs first, whether it’s in their relationships, sexual health, or empowered mindsets.

Ladies, we always have your back. Our condoms are specially designed to be your bestie in any awkward or not-so-awkward encounter, helping to keep away nasty infections and ensuring you’re prepared for the good times.

We’re celebrating the strong women who have made history, revolutionising the way females are represented in media with our five must-read books for 2018. These brilliant authors have managed to kick some serious butt and have helped to build women up in society to where we are today!

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It’s time to lead the charge and take care of yourselves, ladies!

Best Condoms Australia

Here at Moments, we think it’s better to talk candidly about sex and partners and protection. We believe it’s better to get these things out in the open and have a frank chat about the issues facing Australian women – such as our sexual health.

Because when it comes to sexual health, women in Australia are still uncomfortable talking about it or taking proper care of themselves.

A psychologist, personal trainer, TV presenter, and self-confessed health nut, Leanne Hall is on a mission to get as many of us as possible to prioritise and value our health, especially when it comes to sexual health.

Teaming up with Moments Condoms as one of our leading ladies, Leanne is writing on the blog about why women need to take better care of their sexual health and get on the front foot when it comes to making choices about using the right protection in the bedroom. These are her words.

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5 tips to get your sexual health in check

home box

When it comes to your personal health goals for 2018, you’ve no doubt got the yoga class booked: check. Green smoothie diet taken care of: check. Yummy organic veggie bowl for lunch: check. Sexual health in order: check?

While many of us are good at changing things like our diet when it comes to healthier living, we often let an important aspect of our health fall off the radar – our sexual health. So, what better way to ensure the year gets off to a flying start than by getting your sexual health in check with these five top tips.

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Building partnerships for better health and wellbeing

Buy Condoms Online

At Moments, we’re all about supporting the health and wellbeing of women (and men) both here in Australia and overseas.

This is why we’re proud to have teamed up with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) in South Africa, the International Aids Society (IAS) in Switzerland, and the McGrath Foundation in Australia – each aligned to our goals of educating and supporting women around the world when it comes to good health. Continue reading

Real talk with Moments

As part of the Moments launch, we gathered a group of inspiring women to talk candidly about a few of our favourite things: sex, relationships and sexual health.

It was breakfast time but that didn’t hold anyone back. We talked about empowerment, the thrill of taking control in intimate relationships, and knowing when to say no (and yes!). Continue reading

Women, rule your world

Ladies, would you agree that we’re all far more liberated and fearless than ever before? We can rule so many parts of our lives – from work and study, to relationships, and everything else in between. We work hard, we play hard, and we’re owning each and every minute of it.

But why is it that when it comes to protecting our sexual health we’ve all felt embarrassed or awkward at some point? Continue reading