Porn is no more a taboo thing as it was even a few years ago. It still affects a lot of people, both in good and bad ways. However, we have learned to live with it and sometimes use it for our benefit as well.

Porn has dug its way into our lives and relationships. According to a study done in 2013, around 56% of women and 71% of men think that there’s nothing wrong with watching porn even if you are in a relationship. Even a study done in 2015 tells us that about 76% don’t think that porn affects their relationship in any way.

Even though it’s not right, many people around the world even learn about sex for the first time through porn. Porn in today’s world affects youngsters and their relationships more. 

Now, it definitely has some ugly parts to it, but if you want to then you can find the silver lining too. Here, we will talk about the good and the ugly effect of porn in your relationship : 

The good :

Hey, we get it, you probably didn’t think you would be hearing how porn can be good for your relationship. However, we would like to clear the air by saying that it’s only good if you and your partner both are comfortable with it. Both of your opinions matter extremely in this case. However, if you are comfortable, then stay with us because we will not disappoint you, unlike that ex-partner of yours who didn’t care about your satisfaction. 

1. Increases interest in sex and makes one more engaging

Not everyone is equally interested in sex and that’s okay. However, if the reason is rooted in fear or indecisiveness, then we think porn can help in a way. Watching porn can increase your interest in sex by lowering your level of fear. It can also make you more engaging at times and that will only make your sex life better.

2. Feed your curiosity

Let’s face it, no one knows about the body of their partners the best. That’s why anyone can be curious about the human body or its capabilities. We don’t recommend porn to get out of your curiosity as most of what you see in it is made to look that way. Most of what you see in porn is fake, but it can at least help you satiate that hunger of curiosity.

3. Helps you increase your sexual knowledge and skill

Even though most of what you see is not real in porn, you can still learn a few things from it. You can learn about parts of your partner’s body and you can learn how to stimulate the best. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, then you can learn a few moves and try them. Although, we highly recommend that you don’t break your backs trying something bendy. Unlike Phoebe from ‘Friends’, not every adult can put both their legs behind their head. 

4. Normalizes desire

Even though you are in a relationship, it’s not mandatory that you will be able to entirely be honest with your desires with your partner. You can be shy, or downright embarrassed to say out loud the things you want to do or you want them to do. Porn can help you both loosen up in this case. If you both indulge in it a little, then you will probably be more open to communicating your desires the next time you both are in bed. 

5. Helps yourself discover

You don’t have to imagine everything on your own every time you are masturbating. There’s nothing wrong with watching porn while doing it. It can help you discover your own body and your own pleasure points. The more you discover, the more you will be able to communicate with your partner about what exactly you want in bed. We think you know that it will only make the sex more satisfactory if you both know what you want.

Addicted to porn!!

The ugly :

Now, many relationships get affected in a bad way due to porn. Maybe one person in the relationship lies about it, or the other person is extremely uncomfortable with the idea of their partner watching porn. Whatever the reason is it can ruin relationships, and that’s why you should know about the ugly side of porn in a relationship as well :

1. Make your partner feel insecure

Let’s get real here. The men and women or anything that we see in porn for that matter are far from the reality. If you watch porn behind your partner and when they discover your secret, they might start to feel disrespected and even inferior. They might start to compare themselves with the men and women shown in porn. This is not healthy for you or them. 

2. Lose the sight of reality

We cannot say it enough times that what you see porn is not real. However, there are many people out there who don’t know the reality. If you are one of them, then you might be expecting the same things shown in those porns from your partner. This can stand in the way of a healthy relationship.

3. Make your partner feel less emotionally connected

Porn is all about the who and hows of sex. While a relationship is much more than just sex. There’s an emotional connection necessary to maintain a relationship. If you continue watching porn even though your partner is uncomfortable with it, they will start to feel as if you don’t need that emotional connection. They will feel that you are just satisfied with sex and the emotional connection that you have doesn’t matter in any way. 

4. Make you dissatisfied with sex

Sex is different for everybody and it is especially different from what we see in porn. If you rely on what you see in those pornographic videos to satisfy yourself, then you will start to lose interest in the real world. Even if the sex is good with your partner, you won’t be satisfied with anything. 

Addicted to Porn

5. Addicted to porn

This can become a big issue in a person’s life. According to a study done in 2006, it was found that between 18 to 49 years olds, the viewer of pornographic films is 84% and the viewer of a pornographic magazine is 82%. Among these statistics, about 5-8% of adults get addicted to porn. This leads to many mental health issues and it affects relationships in a huge way. It engulfs the lives of the addicts and destroys relationships. You will lose interest in your partner and in your sex life with them very quickly. There will be very little you would be able to do if your relationship gets destroyed due to this reason.

In the end, all we can say is porn is out there taking up about 12% of all web pages around the world. Now if it’s going to work out for you or not with porn in your life depends a lot on you. Act wisely and have a happy and healthy relationship.